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Our Featured Trips

Isla Mujerus

A scuba diver's paradise with warm, crystal clear Blue Magic waters, spectacular walls, coral formations, colorful sponges and an incredibly diverse marine life.

Isla Mujeres hosts the amazing underwater sculpture museum, called "MUSA", which was opened in late 2010 to help preserve the island reef systems. Isla Mujeresis is also known for its abundant and varied marine life, reef and wreck diving, whale shark and sail fish excursions.

  • July 8th Upon arrival, you will be picked up by Amstar and taken to the Cancun ferry terminal for transport to Isla Mujeras
    ...(20 minute ferry ride)...
    Disembark the ferry and take a 2 minute taxi ride to Priviledges Alexus Resort, (all-inclusive luxury resort)

  • July 8-11 (3 nights) Standard rooms - all-inclusive double occupancy

  • July 9 Private boat whale shark snorkeling, (full day tour with breakfast and lunch)
    Optional Museum Twilight dive departs at 4:30 p.m.

  • July 10 Private boat whale shark snorkeling, (full day tour with breakfast and lunch)

  • July 11 After breakfast you will depart for the ferry back to Cancun at 10:00 a.m.
    Upon arrival in Cancun you will have a private bus awaiting at the ferry terminal.
    This bus will take you on a 1 hour an 15 minute transfer to Dreams Puerto Aventuras

  • July 11-15 (4 nights) Dreams Puerto Aventuras
    All-Inclusive luxury resort with a Padi 5 star dive shop and ocean and marina views

  • July 12 - 2 tank AM reef dives with Pro Dive

  • July 13 - 2 tank Cenote dives with Pro Dive

  • July 14 - 2 tank AM reef dives with Pro Dive

  • July 15 - Transfer provided back to the airport for your flight.
Jul 8 - 15, 2017
 Space is limited! 
$1599 p/p Diver Double Rate **
$1199 p/p Non-Diver Double Rate **

Package Includes:
  • 7 nights of all-inclusive hotels, (all meals and beverages including alcohol)
  • 2 days of private whale shark snorkeling
  • 3 days of 2 tank diving plus 1 tank museum dive
  • All transfers & all taxes

** Price does NOT include airfare (to be announced later)


Your Next Trip Can Be Memorable!

Your next adventure trip will be a success when you book though High Sierra Divers regardless if it is a local dive in Monterey, the Channel Islands, or 'The Trip of Your Dreams' at more distant travel locations including those listed below. You can count on world class diving and world class service when you book your travel and embark on an adventure tour with High Sierra Divers.

Make Us Your Travel Experts!

Why? Dive Travel is our only travel business and we are the experts. We specialize in booking you on trips to places and destinations that we've visited and dived ourselves. So, now we know the difference between the good ones and the bad ones and we'll share that information with you. Our travel specialists have received extensive training from the best travel wholesalers in the business and are certified travel experts. Get a quote from us, book travel through us and receive FREE customized information on your desired vacation destination.

Popular Dive Destinations

Here are some of the more popular destinations and information is available with a mouse click that will help you decide which ones you want to visit. If you don't see a destination listed that you'd like to visit, contact us. Click on the trip name for more information. You can book individual trips through us to any destination even if we don't have a featured trip scheduled.

Why Should You Do Your Dive Travel With Us?

  • We are dive travel experts on many world destinations.
  • We use our expertise to prepare hassle-free dive trips for you.
  • We know what hotels, dive operations and live-aboards to use.
  • To make your trip equipment trouble-fee, we are here to inspect and service all items well in advance.
  • We offer scuba skills updates or refresher courses if you need them.
  • We help make check-in at the airport easier.
  • We handle all the details so all you have to do is show up on time.
  • We host pre-trip parties to answer questions and make personal introductions.
  • We educate and properly prepare you on trip related issues.
  • We make checking into the hotel quicker, easier, and hassle-free.
  • We will do our best to correct any equipment difficulties.
  • When you dive with familiar people, there is a better chance of someone being nearby if you need any help.
  • When diving with people you know, there is usually an extra of whatever you might need such as a mask, gauge, fins, etc.
  • We arrange airport to hotel transportation.
  • We handle the details with the dive operator.
  • We constantly organize and conduct other Dream Dive Trips to exotic locations around the world. .
  • We are there to make plans for alternative activities should the weather be unfavorable for diving.
  • We will schedule a Post-Trip picture party.
  • We are a bunch of FUN people who want to share with you, our knowledge of, and love for, the world underwater.

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